Joining the Fight - the Goodfight Mark I Reusable Mask & N95 Cover

 Goodfight - Join the Fight - Reusable PPE Mask & N95 Cover

This is the Mark I [link], the first iteration of an ongoing program for PPE (personal protection equipment). It is NOT meant to be a substitute for medical-grade equipment or FDA approved. Use of this mask does not guarantee immunity from virus infection. It was, however, designed for use with a makeshift filter in the absence of certified PPE or as a cover to extend the life of an N95 in a shortage situation.

Please consider wearing a mask for your personal safety and the safety of others, especially a reusable one during this time when HCW have a greater need for disposable medical-grade equipment. It does not need to be this one--there is a myriad of resources for DIY designs, and also other great brands who are creating all kinds of excellent designs and participating in great initiatives.

However, if you do like our design and want to support our program, this is what your purchase goes towards:

    local laborers - equipment for health care workers & other essential business workers - our team

    The majority of the cost goes towards providing income for our wonderful contractors who are some of the hardest hit during this time. An equal amount goes towards helping us to be able to provide equipment for HCW and other essential business workers. Lastly, a small part of the cost will go to our team & their labor for this program during this difficult financial time.

    For each mask sold Goodfight will donate a mask to local institutions in need of personal protection equipment.

    There is also an option to simply donate. Also, if you are a health organization, essential business, or have bulk pricing inquiries please email

    Stay safe and grip tightly onto hope.