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Photographer: Ellen Fedors
Tech: Jensen Rasmus
Stylist: Leah Adicoff
Assistant: Toni Munton
Creative: Goodfight
Casting: Goodfight
Production: Goodfight
Hair: Jasmin Pak
Makeup: Sasha Borax
Models: Angella Lin, Jess Hu, Jason Su, Nelson Liu, Nick Nguyen

August 2023
Vault by Vans x Goodfight

The orchid is one of the oldest, most fascinating organisms on earth. “Orchidaceae” is the largest group of flowering plants, with over 28,000 currently accepted species, over twice the number of birds known to man, nearly four times as populous as the entire mammal species. Long a symbol of love, fertility, beauty, and perseverance, flowers do not appear until 5-7 years after germination, and yet plants can live to be 100 years old, a living allegory for the idea that good things take time. Orchids with the longest lifespan are often dependent on completely separate organisms, like moths or fungi, to survive or reproduce.

For Goodfight, the orchid is a vital reminder for two of our founding principles: one, that we are all unique, special, and strange, and two, that our individual beauty is meant not to divide us but to lead us to our true source of power: each other.


Vault by Vans partnered with Los Angeles-based fashion label Goodfight for a collection epitomized by a time where individuals “grow up” and form their discovered family. Inspired by Eastern culture prep school uniforms and classic American West Coast fashion staples, the collection reflects the brand’s multifaceted identity coupled with nostalgia.

The collection was fronted by the OG Style 93 LX with removeable orchid blossom clips. The Mary Jane style shoe, available in sizing for all genders, is complemented by a four-piece apparel offering consisting of a letterman jacket with custom patches for DIY application, satin camp collar shirt and co-branded tee shirts.

The Vault by Vans x Goodfight collection debuted August 24 on and Goodfight’s flagship store, followed by a global release on August 25 on and select Vault by Vans retailers like Dover Street Market, Union Los Angeles, COMME des GARÇONS Seoul, and more.

Background & Collection Highlights

Goodfight is a Los Angeles-based fashion label driven by the exploration of fantasy and nostalgia.

“We believe in the power of art and human value. Vans, and the culture that surrounds them, have always represented the checkered convergence of inclusivity and individual expression. Goodfight is a very personal reflection of our disparate identities, so for our collaboration with Vans, we wanted to look at some of our special moments with the brand that shaped who we are today.”

The high school experience can often unify individuals through shared moments or grow our personas through defining trials. Goodfight used that powerful time in life to draw together different ideas and emotions for the approach of the Vault by Vans collection. In reflection of their own multifaceted, cultural identity, the brand’s idea was to reinterpret the iconic image of Eastern culture prep school uniforms through classic Western culture fashion staples. The result was something “new”—partly drawn from referential experience, partly born from fantasy.

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