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Ellen Fedors

Julian Tso

SS23 Lookbook
Solar Flare

     Spring summer ‘23 is an interplay between the world of heritage and modern technical sport innovations. In designing the collection, we were heavily influenced by the rich, sartorial elements of retro-fishing and its fascinating juxtaposition with the slick—almost tactical—aesthetics of the sport today. What could it look like if an individual were to mix styles from the old world and the new, approaching design from a perspective that combined typically dissonant motivations: performance versus nostalgia?

     Complicated ideas can sometimes be understood through simple things in life, and in our case we found inspiration within the story of a precious relationship: An avid fisher. A doting grandparent who taught them how to tie their first lure. Their favorite lake. The smell of the shoreline and the whipping motion of a stiff breeze across the water. The old bomber jacket taken from their grandparent’s closet when they passed, left pocket hardened with the remains of melted butterscotch passed between the two on early mornings.

     Our fisher wears specific clothing for function, and other garments for special personal meaning. The High Pressure Hood is cut in high density UPF fabric, a familiar garment used in the sport to protect wearers from UV-rays constantly reflected off water. Jackets are cut in floral watercolor corduroy and English plaid as a nod towards the flourish seen in sporting gear from a bygone era. Jersey has undergone rigorous wash & design to create a beautiful fade that traditionally comes from years of loving wear and daily bleaching from the sun. Pants feature technical detailing for equipment storage and durability. Multi-pocket vests actually fit professional fishing gear and can be worn tonally or in contrast with tops & outerwear. Artwork is a mix between romantic elements like handcraft chainstitch and modern graphic art that emphatically displays real fabric technology incorporated into the garment.

     In “Solar Flare,” these traditionally divergent styles are meant to be mixed & matched together with an understanding that even in situations that call for functional equipment, we also want to wear things that make us feel. These indulgences, however big or small, are precious to us. They are contemplative—sometimes rebellious—moments of personal incandescence. They are your favorite punk pin worn on the lapel of a formal blazer. The cardigan you wrap yourself in when you’re sad. The ss23 collection tries to capture the power of garments created for personal value, be it performance or nostalgia. The result is something unexpected: we stand out, but not because we’re trying to draw attention to ourselves. Because the most powerful form of personal style is often exercised in disregard to what others think, often performed for an audience of one: ourself.


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