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Ellen Fedors

Aaron Jones
Riley Greer
Ryoma Sakakibara

Hair & Makeup:
Angelica Datuin

Good Art Hlywd for Goodfight

Yuketen for Goodfight

SS19 Lookbook
King Cake Baby & the Ivy League Dream

This season was inspired by the intersection of time when rhythm & blues of the American South gave birth to rock and roll.

Music and dance became a unique catalyst for cultures to collide, interact, and-- for the first time--mix, from Preservation Hall in New Orleans to rockabilly stages at large. Elsewhere, a “street dance” from Harlem called the Lindy hop was sweeping across underground culture worldwide, spawning dancing taxes, No Dancing Allowed signs, and a full-on ban in Nazi Germany. In the American Northeast, an emerging style from ivy league campuses was breaking into mainstream popularity. Back on the West Coast, an orphan named Ella Jane Fitzgerald had moved to Los Angeles to attempt a solo career, where she began to sing for the legendary Jazz at the Philharmonic concert series...

Our third collection deals with the idea of identity, namely the struggle of aspiring towards a goal, the pressures involved in reaching those sought after places in our lives, and the process of rediscovering yourself in the aftermath.

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