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A photo conversation with Ray Lin & Makoto Tachibana
I'm in Love Again

Jazz is an artform best served live, as an interplay between individuals feeding off each other’s creativity. The music, in its purest form, is meant to be dynamic and emotional, whether fast or slow, loud or soft, complicated or simple. Ray Lin and Makoto Tachibana are Los Angeles based creatives who have both been featured in previous Good Life zine issues. In this installment, the two agreed to allow us to document a photo conversation between them after processing the season’s theme and listening to the iconic Fats Domino song “I’m In Love Again”.

Instead of taking completely new photos, the duo was limited to digging into their archives to rediscover images they’ve taken in the past. While the tone of each photo differ because they were taken on different equipment at different points of time in each shooter’s life, they are connected one-by-one through a unique string of inpsiration spurred from their interaction, the seasonal theme, and memories. Each image holds deeply personal meaning that’s meant to be digested independently and/or in series as a whole.

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