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Ellen Fedors

Taro Ryugaku
Jake Beaver

FW20 Lookbook
Harvest Train to Christmas Mountain, I Know We'll Be There Soon

What is freedom? What is wilderness? Is it a place? Is it a mindset?

The FW20 collection “Harvest Train To Christmas Mountain, I Know We’ll Be There Soon” follows a 9-to-5 office employee trapped in the hamster wheel of his corporate life. Desperate for some kind of escape, he discovers psilocybin fungi and plans a new life in the outdoors. It’s immediately apparent that the skills he’s used to succeed in his occupation mean nothing in the wild—he’ll need to develop his own kind of bushcraft skills if he’s going to survive.

Powder blue “office-attire” buttondowns have distorted dimensions; everyday garments have been repaired or decorated with chainstitch. Certain styles are furnished with multiuse glow-in-the-dark paracord or adjustable bungees that are tipped with a personal compass. Moreover, utilitarian pieces have undergone a metamorphosis: a “mosquito net” layering system is striped with colors; the trench coat’s pockets have inexplicably multiplied and are now cut in luxurious velvet. Even the camo is not only actually tie-dye, but applied to a leopard jacquard cotton.

Nothing is exactly what it seems.

Why are humans in the modern era still obsessed with the outdoors? Why do so many of us make the effort to “unplug” in nature? Perhaps it’s because when we take a moment to step outside of the echo chamber of our media and technology, when we are instead confronted by the basic needs of water, food, and shelter, when we have less to distract us from the sudden realization that we exist a world that is so incredibly vast, so incredibly wonderful, and so utterly uninterested and unaffected by the petty worries that dictate our lives—it’s there when we can finally see clearly. There, we’re able to better understand what really matters, and what ultimately doesn’t.

Freedom means different things to different people. Our muse moving from the order of the office to the disorder of the forest is freeing to him. In the same vein, the FW20 collection continues Goodfight’s effort to marry utility

with romance, to subtly challenge notions of traditional menswear with “non- masculine” aspects, and to find beauty in the strange and unexpected.These small bits of disorder are where we find freedom to explore as a brand.

The season bears the marks of inspiration from psychedlic folk rock of the 60’s and 70’s. Universal love for this special era of music reveals how, like our character, we all carry a bit of nostalgia and yearning for change with us.

“Harvest Train To Christmas Mountain, I Know We’ll Be There Soon” blurs the lines between the rules of society and the laws of surviving in the wild. Most of us will never be able to fully detach from modern civilization. But somewhere, balancing along the tenuous line between the two worlds, we just might find ourselves.

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