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Ellen Fedors

Chris Lee

FW22 Lookbook
Goodfight x Dover Street Market - Five Year

In the tradition of marriage, wood is the gift that marks the 5 year milestone. It’s said that those who have prevailed through their fifth anniversary have just begun to develop strong, deep roots. They’ve become wiser, more understanding, more forgiving. They haven’t become more flawless--in fact, more mistakes and more scars have made them more honest, more resilient...and more loving. Wood symbolizes long-lasting strength. It represents wisdom. And perhaps most importantly, it is a symbol of forgiveness.

“5 Years” is also the opening track on David Bowie’s 1972 album The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars. The song introduces the theme of the album: the world is ending in 5 years because of a lack of natural resources, a warning brought by the visiting alien Ziggy Stardust, and we are now witnessing the ignorance, despair, and desperation that follows. The ballad, one of the artist’s greatest works, begs the question of how people would live with the spectre of mortality and apocalypse.

2022 marks Goodfight’s fifth year. In the span of time our team has been together, we have been relentlessly confronted with challenges, success, failure, and hard realities. It’s been a journey of sacrifice, perseverance, and finding our own voice, both in our design and even in our core identities as people.

Given the opportunity to revisit seasons past, we created an archive collection that celebrates our 5 years of existence through old & new designs inspired by some of our favorite styles spanning across eight seasons. Some pieces, like the Grocery Getter Shorts or Coaches Jacket, are now-signature Goodfight silhouettes, which we’ve updated with new features or further perfected the pattern for fit, comfort, & utility. Other garments, after examining selling history and customer feedback, are inspired by some of the most successful styles we’ve exhibited in Dover Street Market, but are completely new in design. Items like the Team Pant were created in the spirit of military-inspired bottoms that have a tactical-feel in the nylon acetate version or an unexpected romantic-juxtaposition in the drapey velour twill. Outerwear features athletic mesh and trim that provides variable styling options. Tailoring, a mainstay in our offering since the brand’s debut, continues with the versatile AJ Blazer, which can be paired with any bottom in the assortment. The Sawtooth Trench exhibits our penchant for quirky modular features, with removable pouches on the chest and arm that can double as independent chest rigs or side-carry bags.

“5 Year” draws from the contrast and convergence between the emotional symbolism of wood and the apocalyptic themes of Ziggy Stardust. While nods to nature or sci-fi can be seen in floral jacquards, textured-dyed ripstop, or lime green mesh, the design is not meant to be “campy” or utilitarian. Instead, references are used as a vehicle to convey a sense of weirdness and sensitivity to ritual & relationships.

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